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"Once again, you have proved to be a true friend, giving advice for what you truly believe is best for me, and keeping a difficult crisis from being worse then it was. I appreciate your direct honesty and concern."

"To say my burden has been lightened, is a drastic understatement. Thank you for taking part in what appears to me, as another miracle in my life. Your professional skills are so admired and appreciated."

"I am writing this letter to express to you my sincere appreciation for all that you did for my son, Roger. It is my sincere belief that without your energy and enthusiasm and your belief in my son, we would not be sitting here at this time hoping that we have heard the last of this unpleasant situation."

"This is a long overdue "thank you" for all you've done to keep our family together. Words can not express our gratitude to your commitment in finalizing Alessa's adoption. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

If you want someone who will coddle you and tell you everything is going to be alright, Gegenheimer isn't the one for you. He gets straight to the heart of the matter and squeezes the life force out of the person you are up against.

“I want to personally thank you for the work you did. I appreciate your thoroughness, your follow-up, and your attention to detail.”

“It is not often that we run across everyday heroes in our lives. Thank you will never be enough to put into words my gratitude.”


“Thank you again for all you did to help us. I appreciate your support and expertise.”

“I would like to personally thank you for representing me as lawyer for the lawsuit that was served to me. Your experience and knowledge of the law is respected, recognized, and greatly appreciated.”

“Even though I recognize that ours has been a business relationship, I need to express my gratitude for all the professionalism you have shown, giving sound advice and guidance, and having the patience to put up with another person’s personal problems. I cannot imagine it has been enjoyable to you, either. Thank you, very much, for all of efforts.”

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Austin Divorce Attorney

Family Law attorney Greg Gegenheimer is committed to helping men and women with legal counseling, strategic planning and professional representation in matters concerning custody, child support, and the division of property and debts.

If you find yourself in a family crisis, he can help you better understand your situation and options, formulate a plan of action, and be a powerful advocate on your behalf.

He is a certified mediator with an Advanced Certification in Family Law and often is able to resolve disputes before they go to court. If a court battle is necessary, he is an experienced and aggressive litigator with over 34 years of successful trial practice.

"Hoping for the best, does not constitute a plan." Greg Gegenheimer

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